I am so grateful for what Angela has done for me. She is very patient and kind, I wouldn’t go to anyone else.


I have worked with Angela for over five years on various cases from divorce to a lawsuit over medical expenses. Angela is always very compassionate, knowledgeable and efficient! There is a lot of heat in that little package and whether I’m going into battle or just have a simple issue…SHE is the only ammunition I need! I have recommended her to several people for various things and they have all thanked me! Just like me, they all felt she had their best interests at heart and was willing to do whatever it took to settle the issue.

Wendy J.

I was recommended to contact Angela on a custody and child support issue. We all know how painful this can be. Angela was amazing! Although our battle was not without challenge, she was able to take the pain out of the process. Her knowledge combined with her compassion for her clients is nothing less than exceptional! I would recommend her to anyone needing legal counsel, whether it be a tough case or just some advice. She’s GREAT!


I highly recommend Angela Lallemont as an attorney. She is prompt, professional, and effective. But she does not let her role as an attorney separate her from getting to know her client and understanding all the issues. She has the ability to discern the situation — not only by listening to what information is given — but by noting what information is left out. Her ability to 'read between the lines' and probe further into problems that need addressing — as well as her humor and 'no nonsense' approach, which cuts quickly to truth – are some of the qualities that set her well above other attorneys at law. You will not be disappointed if you gain her services for your legal needs.

Britta McColl

I acquired Angela Lallemont as my attorney some time in either late 2013 or in early 2014 after meeting with her at her office to see if she would be a good fit for me. I hired Ms. Lallemont because of her what I call 'bull-dog' approach in her law cases. Ms. Lallemont puts all of her efforts into winning every case or getting the best possible results for her clients. She will give her clients great law advice in every situation, but will leave the final decision up to her clients.

Ms. Lallemont has an abundance of resources through many associates in law to which she can draw on for assistance in many different situations. This was very helpful for me in my case. Ms. Lallemont was my attorney for approximately two years. I strongly believe if I had hired a different attorney, the great results I received would have been very different (meaning in a bad way).

As a side note, in the beginning of my search for an attorney, I did call a highly recommended family law attorney out of the twin cities area. After telling her everything about my situation, she told me I was going to lose the case, but she said she would represent me if I wanted her to. Obviously I didn't hire her. After my case was over, I really wanted to call her back and let her know that in spite of her opinion, I did win my case. But I didn't call her back.

As another side note, that attorney was more than twice as expensive as Ms. Lallemont.

I highly recommend Lallemont Law LLC firm for anyone looking for a family law attorney. Angela's passion for law is what every client is looking for, and she's very down to earth and easy to talk with.


I have had the opportunity to work with Angela Lallemont through several serious personal situations. She is very welcoming, light-hearted, fair and intelligent! Angela was willing to answer any questions I asked. I would recommend Angela's services to anyone in need of a great attorney.